Warehousing / Inventory



Harlee Packaging's warehousing program will free up both your companies space and improve your cash flow drastically.  With space and cash being a premium for any business, our over 120,000 sq ft of warehouse space allows us to tailor programs that will free your space and cash immediately. 

"Just in Time" (JIT) Delivery

One of the biggest customer concerns when initiating a warehouse program is, " I don't want to run out of product".  Not a problem, with out company owned and operated trucking fleet with are able to deliver your product how you need it, when you need it.


With a cloud based inventory system we are able to set inventory levels that allow you, the customer a great peace of mind.  We are able to set Min/Max levels that allow you to have enough product in inventory to cover your current needs, but not exceed a level that will not allow you to make changes should the need arise.